Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The City of Kennewick Geographic Information System (GIS) is a set of hardware, software, and procedures used to create a spatial database from which maps, technical drawings, and improved analysis of city activities can be derived.

The City started implementation of a GIS in 1989 using standards based on the Washington Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA). Photographs of the City were made using an aerial flyover in 1992, and they were digitized to a computer format. Data has been entered from many sources, including as-built surveys, site plans, and sharing data with other local agencies.

The GIS database is a spatial model of City facilities in the “real” world. Complex data relationships can be presented using geographical representations, or maps. Maps provide a “picture” of those relationships that is easier to understand. Better understanding of the complex data presented in running a City allows for improved decision making, provides more efficient work efforts, and establishes cost savings for the City and it’s constituents.